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  • NameJesse Boehm
  • LicenseNMLS # 1420692
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  • NameGresKelly Diaz Peralta
  • LicenseNMLS ID #709649
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As a Latino loan officer, I bring a deep understanding of the cultural nuances that influence financial decisions within this part of our community. My proficiency in both English and Spanish and my background in sales, management, public speaking, and psychology place me in the perfect position to offer a service grounded in education, individuality, trust, and transparency. These skills are crucial in fostering a comprehensive understanding of the lending process for our clients. I am passionate about demystifying financial practices and ensuring every client is fully informed and comfortable at every step. The core of my service is built around transparency and education. I am committed to ensuring that our Hispanic clients, and all clients, receive the highest level of guidance while understanding the intricacies of lending practices in a way that respects and honors their individual needs and cultural perspectives.

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